Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My car accident

To fix this, 1630 bucks.

Monday, June 8, 2009

A Lamp Onto My Feet

It is man's nature to always want what he doesn't have. One of these things is to know the future. And personally, I don't think god wants us to know the future either or else he would have let us "see". besides, if you already know what's coming at you, what's the fun in that?? i'd probably be olaying the most boring basketball game in my whole life...

Something i learnt from a very very wise someone, who i can't remember is that God's word is a lamp and not a torchlight onto our feet. God does not intend us to see everything in the distance but wants to lead and guide us in what is happening today right now. Not 20 years down the road. We can plan for the future but what actually happens, will not be reveled to us until the time comes..

A lamp onto my feet, to light the way so i can see what is in front of me clearly and walk without being hindered or frightened by what is ahead.

My Help In Time Of Stress

Ladies And Gentleman!!! The Stress Relieving Plushie!!!! Not available anymore because i've destroyed it in my moments of stress...

No Offence Meant... Just Laugh And Forget

Like i said... Don't take any offense.... Just laugh a good laugh and move on...

Only In Malaysia

The creative license plates in Malaysia on a Malaysian Made Car

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Minas Morgul

well... not really la... but it looks a lil' alike la...

Food..... Food.... Glorious Food....